March 2, 2011

My Scrapbook Area

I have had quite a few people ask me what my scrapbooking area looks like.  Well here are some photos.  It's not a big space but it works.  I am tripping over stuff a lot but at least its out in the open.  I find you end up working on things if everything is out in the open.

This is my very small but highly function-able table.  

My little corner.  Its not big at all but it's my scrapbook home.

My containers.. 

My desk.  Well it's technically my husbands desk but I have taken it over.

And my little shelf.  I have an ink addiction.. 

My closet.  This used to be the closet for all of our P&G products.  I have taken it over.  Hey I used to have an entire room....

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