January 18, 2014

100 Days Tombow

I was lucky to be one of the people chosen to participate in the 100 Days of Tombow.

Every submission for the “100 Days of Tombow” blogging program will result in a $100.00 product donation to the Council for Arts Education.

I received the kit in October and I was hoping to have this up on here sooner.  I have been up to my elbows in vinyl these days. 

Anyway here is the kit I received.  

here is what my kit included:

  • Retro Dual Brush Markers
  • Irojiten Volume 4 Pale Tone pencils
  • Stamp Runner

Here a pictures of my package.  You can also see my collection in the background. 

I loved the markers!!  I do have quite a few of them but the girly colours are a nice addition to my stash.  I really wanted to colour a picture using the Retro pack.  I wanted to show how someone could take only a few of the Dual Brush markers and mix and play with the colours to allow them to work well with your stamp.  The following stamp is a Penny Black Stamp that i coloured using the Retro colour pack.  The only spot I used my "other" mare colours is in he face and the boots.  Other than that the rest of the colours are from the retro pack.

My next venture was to use the Irojten pencil set that was sent to me.  The colours were very pale and in the following picture you can just see a hint of colour.  Alone this set may not be the most ideal for colouring but it would be a great compliments to darker colour sets.  Even though the colours are very pale, the stamp still looks great!!  This is also a Penny Black stamp.

I also really enjoyed the Tombow Stamp runner.  I had not tried one before but it was very smooth and easy to operate.  The pictures also adhere very well to the page.  I liked them so much I bought another 7 sets.  

All in all I as so excited to get my kit from Tombow!!  Thank you very much.  I will try to post these stamps as a card in the near future.